A Journey of Tireless Efforts and Happiness

A well-known proverb through which we all have come across at different phases of life “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” has been very beautifully proven by Mr. Perfectionist “Aamir Khan”. The news and the video of his ‘Fat to Fit’ transformation are getting viral on social media platforms.

I too came across the video and news, no wonder I was amazed, it impressed me and motivated me to never give up. The success seems difficult until and unless it is achieved. The problems we face in our daily routine, may it be official or personal, appears huge and tough until we don’t solve it.

This journey seems difficult but interesting, impossible but amazing, tiring but joyous and depressing but inspiring. To add to the reality factor of movie “Dangal” and to give a feel of reality to the character, Aamir khan has put on extra weight and increased to 97 kg. This was the need of the character in movie “Mahavir Singh Phogat”, a 52 aged man. Aamir Khan as Fat Mahavir singh of age 52 has 80% role in entire film; the rest 20% has a need of Fit and young Mahavir Singh Phogat who is a wrestler.

Besides shooting the 20% part first, Aamir decided to first put on the weight to shoot 80% movie part and then reduce it again. From here challenge begins, it was the onset of tireless efforts to achieve the fitness of character back. And, he did it again. He dignified his own title of being called as ‘Mr. Perfectonist’. He reduced 25 kg in 5 months to match the character with perfection.

The level of hard work, efforts and dedication given in this incident to reach the level of perfection is what we put in while working on your brand to take it ahead of all others. We never give up in cut throat competition of Ad world, our committed team of creative people keeps on practicing innovations with your brand to let it stand different from all market players. The perfect blend of our creativity, market strategy and zeal to add to your brand value gives an aroma to your brand that keeps your brand fresh in market. We keep working on your brand until we don’t achieve your desired goal. Our 360 degree designing solutions, marketing strategies and creative minds will never left your creative work desire unsatisfied.

The key steps required to boost-up any brand’s image and value are:
  • Complete Research of the market and competitors.
  • Understanding the objective of organization.
  • Scope of execution
  • Planning marketing strategy
  • Selecting media tools
  • Finalizing on budget
  • Creative execution through Designing and Copywriting.
  • Launch of campaign and creative through various media vehicles.
  • Market study after its launch to measure the effect.
  • Feedback and suggestion
We follow all this steps to reach that level of perfection. We never stop innovating and trying new things, we love to spend hours indulging in creativity; we enjoy the pressure of work and sailing our boat of creativity in that high flow. We believe in our efforts and sharp efficiency of our minds to create something out of the box. We don’t stop creating new, and every time we get a task, we try creating new milestones by practicing more and more.


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