New To Be

A Year, Society & We…
“The Unstoppable, Dynamic
‘Time’ is not Static,
Not for us or someone
It never stops for anyone,
Change is its Destiny
Let’s accept this Reality”

Here comes the New Year, with sunshine of new hopes and wave of change that aims to change the destiny of nation. We believe that changes are inevitable which are meant for the betterment and growth. Progress is impossible without positive change; hence it won’t be an exaggeration to state that change is the foundation of development.

This positive change can be of any sort, change in nature of a person, change in the policies of an organization, change in rules of an institute or changing trends in any industry like fashion or advertising. Any modification in existing process of nation, organization or person leading to its growth and development is a positive change.

Recently we all are facing the wave of currency change. Some are happily sailing with it and some are unhappy, against it. The motto of Go Cashless is echoing through all media vehicles be it a print, electronic or social. Every industry is in-cashing the opportunity of be in lime light by correlating with this revolutionary change. We must say that Modi Government has taken a revolutionary step in the history of India to fight against corruption and black money. Many corrupt people opposed this decision and announced for “Bharat Baand” against it. But, for the first time in Indian history this was not been executed as maximum people were with Modi Government on this decision. This is a storming wave of positive change.

This change has changed the trend of many other things affected by it. Modes of payment changed from cash to online transactions, advertising industry has in-cashed this by associating it with their clients. Online payment industries like Paytm are seeing huge growth in their business. The advertising campaigns of Paytm, Freecharge and many other online shopping portals have only one communication with varied creativity i.e. Go Cashless. And, no doubt all campaigns have a great impact and are successful. The reason behind success is one formula, in-cashing the opportunity, and saying right thing at right time with high impact.  

Being an advertising agency we all should have that skill to identify the opportunity to hit the mindset of target audience. Saying right thing at right time has greatest impact in personal as well as professional life. So we should be attentive and get our-self acquainted with the changing trends in society.

Trends in advertising have also been changed so far. Before, there were limited media vehicles to advertise, but with changing time humans have created various innovative mediums. Hoardings have many forms like gantries, pole kiosks, digital banners etc.  Social media like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are not limited for getting in touch with friends and relatives but they have become a strong platform for digital marketing and advertising.

The bottom line of all is that we should be ever ready for the changes happening in the society. We should fine tune our skills to identify opportunity and must possess the ability to in-cash it. We must be adaptable and flexible with the changing trends to be in rhyme with the developing society. Let’s be the change we wants to see in the World.


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