When Art weds Strategy!

The season of wedding is here, but wait, before your thoughts indulge into imagination of human weddings; let me clear you, we are not talking about human weddings. Yeah I know wedding happens only between two humans, but here I am seeing wedding as a strong bonding which gives birth to a successful “Brand”. Yes you get it right; I am talking about the precious bonds any media organization must have to lead ahead. A strong bond not confined of any season and mahurats, whose knot can be tied at any time and day. It is bond between Art and Strategy, any branding work be it an advertisement, outdoor, web or print is incomplete without this crucial elements. 

An art alone can’t create a big brand or an impactful planning and strategy alone can’t develop a strong brand image. Let me describe it as they both are incomplete without each other in terms of advertising. A perfect blend of this two can create miracles. Let me give you an example of such miracle “Narendra Modi Campaign”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKtb1J2rmdc. The creativity has excelled in his campaigns and the strategy led down has created a history in political scenario. The overall campaign was successful in changing the minds of target audience, it was a great hit.

Here, a common phrase of team work i.e. “Together we can achieve more” goes very well. A steady team of creative people and strategy planners are enough to create milestones in field of media and advertising.

I am glad to be a part of such team “Team Kanvas”. Where work is aesthetically planned and creatively executed. We are focused team of media professionals dedicated to build top-notch brands with exclusivity and creativity.


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